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Risk assessment is a condition check for your private water supply. It means looking at the source of the supply and the surrounding area to see what could go wrong with it and contaminate the supply.

It also involves checking the storage tanks, any treatment systems and the pipe work. While sampling can suggest what impurities may occur, risk assessment sets out to identify the actual or potential causes so that suitable actions can be taken to resolve them and therefore prevent the situation from getting worse or even starting in the first place.

Risk assessment will bring benefits such as a better knowledge of your private water supply system and improved drinking water safety for you, your family and visitors to your home or business.

Here at CleanStream we have developed a range of simple, easy to use, downloadable Risk Assessments for each type of supply, although the complete Risk Assessments can be found here and your local authority may also have their own form they require comleting.

Once you have carried out a risk assessement simply email, fax or post a copy of it to us, along with the results of a water sample if you have them, and we will be able to specify and quote the equipment best suited for your particular property of supply. This will then forn the basis of your application to the local authority.